Type of Wall Painting Brushes

Type of Wall Painting Brushes

There are two main types of wall painting brushes: flat and angled. Flat brushes are smaller than angled brushes and work well for covering large areas. Blunt brushes are more flexible and ideal for covering trim and small areas. They are used with both flat and angled paint. The most common sizes are three, four, and six inches. The bristles of these brushes can vary from flat to angled, depending on the type of paint.

Generally, latex paint brushes are made from polyester or nylon. The nylon bristles are more durable and stiff than ox hair, and they offer better paint pickup and distribution. Styrofoam brushes are inexpensive, but they should never be used for interior painting. While they may work for small projects, styrofoam brushes are best used with less viscous paints. In addition, they are difficult to clean.

There are two main types of paint brushes: synthetic and natural. Synthetic brushes are made of high-quality polyester or nylon, whereas natural ones are made of animal hair. Natural paint brushes hold more paint than synthetic brushes, and are best for oil-based and water-based paints. Natural brushes, on the other hand, absorb moisture and will become too soft. Ultimately, your choice is up to you. There are several advantages and disadvantages to both types of paint brushes.

Foam brushes: These are not meant for full-wall painting, but they are essential for some smaller projects. The bristles are packed tight and are of equal length. They work well for small projects and are not worth the cost of an expensive natural brush. Foam brushes work well for test-painting projects around the house. If you plan to apply stencils on the walls, you should consider purchasing foam brushes as a backup.