Identifying the Source of Your Roof Leak

Identifying the Source of Your Roof Leak

It is crucial to identify the source of your roof leak before attempting to fix it. Water usually enters a home through poorly sealed areas such as around skylights and chimneys. To find out if your home is experiencing a leak, use a garden hose to saturate the affected area. Run the hose for several minutes in one spot, then move to a new location and repeat the process. If you don’t see any drips, then the leak is probably deeper.

In the case of a leak, the cause may be the flashing on the roof or a clogged drain. This means water is getting behind the flashing, which has rusted. When this happens, the seal will loosen and water will leak through. In this case, a full replacement may be needed. If you can’t identify the source of the leak, you should consult with a professional roofer. However, if you aren’t comfortable climbing up a ladder to inspect the roof, you should be aware of a few basic factors.

The number one reason for roof leaks is areas of penetration. Certain areas need special sealants, such as vents, chimneys, and dormers. A damaged area of penetration can allow water to seep down into the attic and walls. Therefore, a professional roofer should perform a thorough inspection of the exposed areas. Besides leaky pipe, homeowners can also grow green vegetation on the roof to keep the house cool. But if you do not want to spend the money on a complete replacement, a repair may be needed.

Poor flashing is another reason for a leaky roof. It is a tough area to waterproof. In addition, improper flashing can cause an ice dam, which forms when snow and ice melt on the colder sides of the roof. When water builds up behind an ice dam, it finds an opening to escape through the roof. The water is then forced to work its way back up. If you use good flashing on the edges of your roof, this ice dam will not happen.

You can use roofing tar or plywood to fix the roof until a professional can arrive and solve the problem. You can also use roofing tar and spare shingles. These materials are readily available at any home improvement store. Remember, however, to seek professional assistance only if the leak is extensive. Once you have a temporary repair, you can contact a roofing contractor to have the leak repaired. This way, you can minimize the damage that could occur inside your home.

The most common cause of a roof leak is a faulty boot around a pipe. These boots are meant to keep pipes out of the roof from getting wet. They come in different materials, but their primary purpose is to stop water from following the pipe down into your home. In addition to leaking water, they also can cause fire and electrical damage. If these factors aren’t addressed, you may be left with a costly problem. Contact Jenkins Restorations today to get help fixing your roof.