How to Use Coffee Table Ideas to Spice Up Your Living Room

How to Use Coffee Table Ideas to Spice Up Your Living Room

Adding books to a coffee table is an easy way to dress it up. Most people have a few books that are worthy of showing off. Whether they are your favorite novels, or those with beautiful pictures, adding them to your coffee table can be a great way to display them. You can choose to put one stack of books on one end of the table, or use two stacks of books, placing them evenly around the table.

Another way to add visual interest to your coffee table is to use trays. These can help add bulk and make it easier to clean the surface of the table. If you’re using trays, make sure they match the shape of your table. If you want to add some contrast to your table, try using different colors or finishes.

Another way to make a table more functional is to use a vintage piece. An Etsy purchase can be turned into a functional coffee table with a unique twist. This 1950s-style coffee table has small slots to hold electronics, books, or magazines. It also has hairpin legs, which give it a modern appeal. It also works great as a television stand. Whether you want to use it as a stand for your television or as an additional surface for coffee, you’ll find plenty of creative ways to decorate your table.

Another great way to add storage is by replacing the traditional vase with a fabric basket. You can find several designs and colors that match your home’s decor. You can also use wire or metal baskets for a rustic or industrial look. You can also use a pumpkin in place of a vase. These can be great additions to your coffee table, and they don’t cost a fortune either.

When choosing a coffee table, you should take size and placement into consideration. The size of the table should be proportionate to the length of the couch and the seating area. It should also be accessible for your guests to use and be able to reach it easily. It’s important to make sure the coffee table fits the theme of the room.

Another option for coffee table design is the use of a marble top. These tables are beautiful and practical, and will look great in a minimalist space. They can add a modern touch to your living room. You can even use a marble coffee table if your home has a ‘U’-shaped sofa.

In addition to traditional coffee table designs, there are some unique coffee table ideas. One such table was created by bloggers Manda and Caitlin of The Merry Thought.