How to Map Out a Bathroom Layout

How to Map Out a Bathroom Layout

A bathtub becomes the focal point in this bathroom when placed under a window, while clever space planning allows for the presence of both vanity and shower while hiding the toilet via inner partition walls.

Leigh Lincoln of Pure Salt Interiors utilized this bathroom layout to install two separate vanities into a master bath. This design works especially well in primary bathrooms as it maximizes floor and wall space.


Be it for your full bathroom or just a simple powder room remodel, taking time to plan out a layout can help your project proceed more efficiently and feel like more space than expected. A proper configuration helps your space feel larger while providing all necessary functionality.

An ideal layout features a tub with sink and toilet nearby to reduce plumbing costs while taking full advantage of floor space.


An open bathroom design may present challenges with regards to privacy; however, with proper planning and customization it can feel just as luxurious and private. With access to an expansive design library you can select furniture and decor pieces to create realistic 3D images for clients to experience their new bathroom before finalizing their purchase decision.

Use rugs, low shelving and partially open dividers to subtly define different functional zones without disrupting the overall flow. Innovative zoning solutions allow for flexibility as lifestyles change while offering opportunities to incorporate sustainable elements into design projects. Natural light permeates freely into every corner of your home enhancing aesthetics and fostering wellbeing at once.


Corner bathroom layouts can help make small bathrooms appear larger while freeing up more wall space to house both a shower and bathtub combo.

This stunning bathroom design takes full advantage of its large window by featuring a circular jacuzzi bathtub in one corner, with washbasin and WC on either side in a straight lined configuration.

Mirrors can add visual interest and reflect light around your bathroom space – particularly beneficial in smaller bathrooms where they help brighten it further. An entire mirrored wall may add visual interest while helping illuminate smaller spaces more effectively.


This bathroom layout is ideal if you want both a soaking tub and shower in your home, according to designer Tiffany White of Mid City Interiors, who recently implemented this plan during renovation in order to save on plumbing costs.

In this distinct bathroom, a luxurious tub with its curved walls and recessed window takes center stage. A shower enclosure stands on one wall while double basin and cabinet can be found at the other end; toughened safety glass dividers clearly define each space to create visual distinction.

Showering rather than tubbing helps retain open floor space in this large bathroom. With two entrances on opposite ends of the room and panels dividing off showering areas from toilet and wash area areas.


A bathtub or shower can quickly consume precious floor space. When designing a small bath, make sure your toiletries can find their own home and consider fitting in a vanity unit if possible.

A smart arrangement of compact fixtures in this square bathroom helps it retain significant open floor space. A recessed bathtub is flanked by cabinets and washbasins on one wall while an area housing the WC and shower cubicle at the other end allows the area to remain spacious.

The door opens into a main refreshing area that boasts a double basin on a countertop, surrounded by stylish cabinets. At one corner lies a bathtub/shower enclosure while in the back is located a toilet separated from its basin by a toughened glass panel.


If you love bathtubs but lack space, this layout may be perfect. It provides an efficient way of accommodating a tub, toilet and double sink without taking up precious floor area.

This geometric bathroom utilizes a central large rectangular bathtub surrounded by linear arrangements of basin and storage cupboard. A recessed area on the opposite wall features showering space as well as an easily hidden WC for showering purposes.

All fixtures in this bathroom feature rectangle shapes for an eye-catching and stylish aesthetic that’s sure to excite and delight – an impressive showpiece!