Creative Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Creative Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

An organized home is within your grasp if you take advantage of clever storage solutions for small spaces. Try placing living room essentials inside an attractive upholstered ottoman with lift-up lid or stacking labeled baskets to corral loose toys.

Attractively sized bins make an effective storage solution, offering a place for books, clothing, papers and even pet supplies that might otherwise end up on the floor.


Credenzas are versatile storage solutions, often seen in dining rooms as platforms for buffet-style meals, that can serve many functions throughout your home. From providing extra shelving space in living rooms and dens to being used as work surfaces in home offices – credenzas have long been seen as indispensable furniture pieces in homes across all kinds of settings.

Flat surfaces for decorative plants and picture frames make a nice accent for living room credenzas, according to interior designer and founder of Britto Charette, Priscilla Moiseoff. On top of this surface can also be set out toys for children and family members to play with on top while concealing additional items beneath.

Sideboards and buffet tables resemble credenzas in terms of aesthetic and storage capacity; the primary differences lie within its inner compartments. A credenza stands out by having sleeker doors that provide easy access to storage space than its counterpart.

Hanging Shelves

Sturdy wooden shelves arranged with labeled bins can make an excellent storage solution in attics or closets, offering plenty of room for craft supplies, sewing essentials, tools, wallets, keys and mail. A small hanging shelf in a hallway may provide the perfect place for wallets, keys and mail. Wood cubbies provide another effective means of organizing bulky blankets, pillows or children’s toys as well.

Picture ledges designed for art and decorative objects make an eye-catching statement on a wall, or consider investing in wall-mounted shelving units made to store plants, vases and bowls – there are even units with hooks or bars underneath for maximum versatility! When it comes to tiny rooms requiring storage solutions that maximize verticality – shelves/racks/over-the-door organizers offer some creative storage solutions as well.

Storage Chests

Storage chests are an attractive and functional way to add extra storage space in any room, featuring many sizes, styles and materials to meet the needs of any living area. Their creative storage ideas can help maximize those awkward nooks and corners around your home!

Utilize the back of a door as an easy and practical spice rack or hang cleaning items out of reach from children with this clever storage idea that transforms an ordinary entryway into a functional mudroom with white wood shelves for shoes and a narrow shelf for long items like brooms and mop heads.

For an even sleeker appearance, consider turning an old trunk into a modern storage solution. Perfect for linens and fine china storage, these chic chests can be placed at the foot of your bed or on top of curio shelves for convenient organization.

Cabinets with Hanging Organizers

Nooks and corners often become hubs of chaos, but this doesn’t have to be the case. A simple plank of wood can become an in-door storage rack for wet gloves and hats or organize your bathroom with extra towels, washcloths and toiletries.

Hanging shelves take advantage of vertical space to provide extra storage in any alcove, alcove above a window or closet. Pullout shelves provide easy way to tuck long items like broom handles behind doors if space is an issue.

Create your own DIY nightstand from a bookcase to add surface area in any room without taking up more floor space. Reconvert a toe-kick cavity into flat storage by installing some cabinet organizers; place kitchen tools and utensils into pullout cabinets for easier access; or transform one into a chopping board shelf!


One key to maintaining an orderly home is making sure everything has its own place, like baskets for collecting loose bits and pieces that end up lying around. Add labels so everyone knows where their belongings belong – especially helpful in children’s rooms!

Shelving high is another effective storage solution. From reclaiming back space with shelves, to placing them in alcoves or fireplaces that otherwise go unused, to installing racks and rails underneath kitchen cabinets or hanging a shelf above your bed; shelving high can help store long items like brooms, mop buckets or books effectively.

Custom storage solutions are an effective way to make the most of small spaces such as under stairs, nooks or closets. When selecting drawer slides that include soft close mechanisms, remember this will help ease pressure on both hands and backs.