Choosing the Best Type of Paint for Bathrooms

Choosing the Best Type of Paint for Bathrooms

Choosing the best type of paint for your bathroom walls is critical. This room is susceptible to moisture, and paint that cannot withstand this environment can cause issues, such as peeling and cracking. Luckily, there are some good options for you to choose from. Most modern latex paints are moisture-resistant, and many of them are washable.

There are two main types of paint for bathrooms. There are oil and water-based latex types. Oil paints are known for their durability and ability to withstand scrubbing, but they must be cleaned with mineral spirits. They also dry slowly between coats, and they may yellow over time and under low light conditions.

Another important part of painting your bathroom is the ceiling. Ceilings should be waterproof and durable. Adding a waterproof finish can prevent mold and mildew growth. It also makes cleaning easier. A glossy paint finish is also ideal for bathrooms. However, these paints tend to be more difficult to apply than a flat sheen.

Before you paint your bathroom walls, clean the area thoroughly. Clean any mold and mildew before applying any paint. A DIY solution of three parts water and one part bleach is also effective for this purpose. Painter’s tape is useful to block off areas while painting. You can also protect your toilet and sink with plastic sheeting. You should start painting from the corners of the bathroom and let it dry for a few days before applying any additional paint.

Another important consideration is the ventilation. Oil-based paints have fumes that are harmful when inhaled, so make sure there is adequate ventilation in your bathroom. A fan will help you breathe easier while you’re painting. Portable fans can be strategically placed to push air out of the room. Proper ventilation will help the paint dry quickly.

Choose a paint finish that’s durable and resistant to wear and tear. High-shine paints tend to be more durable, but they can also retain moisture. For bathrooms, however, a satin or matte finish is best. It’s easier to wipe off any marks or scuffs, and it’s more durable than eggshell and flat finishes.

Another option is a water-based epoxy paint. This heavy-duty water-resistant paint is great for DIYers. Rust-Oleum Specialty Tub and Tile Spray Paint covers 15 square feet in one application, and provides a tough, waterproof finish. Oil-based paints used to have a reputation for being waterproof, but the problem is that they take so long to dry that the moisture could ruin the entire paint job. Consequently, they’re not as water-resistant as flat paints.

Bathrooms are a great place to update your home with paint. They’re easy to change and you can paint them in an afternoon. It’s important to choose a paint that’s resistant to water, mold, and mildew. In addition, bathrooms are usually small rooms and the right paint color can make the room feel larger.